A Totally new untapped drinking water source now available to everyone.

Moisture in the air has been found to be the most viable water source for the future. Water created from atmosphereic humidity  is readily available and unlimited in supply. Clean, pure drinking water is critical for survival and has been called the oil of the 21st Century. However, 97% of the earth's water is found in the oceans, making it undrinkable. The W.H.O. estimates that 80% of human illness is caused by contaminated drinking water. A totally new untapped drinking water source is available.

Clean, Pure, healthy water...

Recognizing that tap water from municipal sources is no longer acceptable to consume, people turned to a better alternative - bottled water. However, bottled water, in many cases, is only municipal tap water treated through a basic carbon filter. This treatment leaves many impurities and harmful chemicals in the water. There is also evidence, that over time, harmful by-products of plastic leech into the water. This is particularly true when they are exposed to prolonged periods of heat and sunlight. Bacteria can grow rampantly in this environment.

Environmentally friendly...

Do you recycle your used water bottles? If not, you are contributing to the millions of plastic water bottles littering our landfills. In fact, some states are moving to require bottled water to have a deposit similar to soda and beer cans.

With a H2W - Atmospheric Water Generator you can reuse one bottle everyday by simply refilling it. You have an abundant source of ultra pure drinking water created from the air you breathe, while saving the environment from unnecessary pollution.

Save Money..

If you are drinking bottled water you are paying TOO MUCH! Bottled water varies from $1 a bottle to as much as $3 a bottle depending on the brand and where you buy from. If you buy one bottle a day you are spending between $30 and $90 a month!

With a H2W - Atmospheric Water Generator, with moderate air temperature and humidity, you can yield in excess of 10000 liters of ultra pure drinking water per day; costing you as little as 20 cents per gallon.